Thank you for your trust


Emilia Jercan
Hight Contrast

“Ideal for remote creative teams”

I now have a better overview of everything, including the team’s mood. Mirro helped me switch gears and notice when we need to plan a hackathon or a trip to the Carpathian Mountains for inspiration.


I love the feedback functionality, I see it as the core of the app. Creative people always want to express themselves in any way, shape, or form so providing them with a tool for feedback, suggestions, and praise turned out to be a total game-changer.


It is a very complex app, it takes some time to get used to all the functionality, but the usability is good, you will get there soon.

Ana Dumitru
Managing Director
HRS Romania

“One stop shop for people management: light, intuitive, engaging”

Covers performance management impeccably: besides OKRs and formal performance evaluations, you get to give timely and meaningful feedback to colleagues and formally recognize contributions to work environment, culture, team spirit, as well as business results. Peer to peer, manager to individual contributor, top-down, bottom-up: it greatly facilitates open communication and allows for incremental and constant improvements to work done. Dashboard makes it impossible to forget milestones such as quarterly reviews, birthdays, company anniversaries. 


User experience is friendly, new hires can on-board themselves in no time. In terms of HR Admin work, Mirro has saved a ton of time and countless Excel files have happily been deleted for good: timesheets, contracts, employment documents, leave planning, replacement policies… The Customer Service team is highly responsive and will help with any request in no time.


Being one of the early adopters, I would’ve loved to see this product go to market sooner.

Madalina Uceanu
Senior Recruitment
Parner & Founder
Career Advisor

“21st century solution for team management”

Mirro truly is a 21st-century solution for team management and employee engagement. The product managed to get under the same digital roof all the tools needed for proper team communication, offering feedback, and mentoring.


One of the things I love about Mirro is the friendly user interface. You can do performance management or track your objectives and still feel like you’re having fun on an intranet.


I find it that Mirro meets the requirements of managers, business owners, and contributors. Everything is doable when you have real-time access to tasks, objectives, or documents, and you can give people kudos in a fun way.

Doménica R.
Auxiliar de Recursos Humanos
Vitapro S.A.

“Its Mirro Time!”

Mirro friendly system has been well received by our employees in Germany, Ecuador, Portugal, France and Brazil. 


We are now more connected and attentive to all the needs of our employees in request of vacations, medical leaves and work away in the same platform. Is very useful for the simplicity of the procedures that saves time in HR as a great ally. All of this is possible because of their excelent Customer Experience Team always willing to resolve all our doubts coupling our schedules to get the best performance.


In the future, I would like to see full performance of the app after the updates.