How to stay organized at work: Solutions to improve performance and be more time-efficient at your job

Because most people spend at least eight hours a day at the office, it is advisable to use some techniques to be more organized and thus productive at work. If you want to improve your work activity and be more efficient, all you have to do is make a few small changes to the way you manage your daily tasks.

So, how do you stay organized at work? Find out more in this article!


  1. How to be organized at work - Tips & tricks
  2. How to be more organized at work by using technology

1. How to be organized at work - Tips & tricks

Studies have shown that people waste a lot of time looking for objects and files they need at their job, which leads to less productivity.

Productivity is the result of efficiency, which means doing more and faster, but with less effort. In order to make the most of your time, you need to organize your activities very well. So, it’s essential to learn how to be better organized at work, either on your desk, computer or with your schedule.

Here are some tips for you and your team:

  • Keep the office tidy and clean

Look carefully around you and get rid of the objects you don’t need, such as old files or documents or cables. In order to have a better-organized office, it is important to come up with organizational solutions - storage space, bookshelves, folders and smart calendars.

Moreover, numerous studies have shown that the workspace is an environment that can lead to bacteria growth. Thus, cleaning the workspace should be a priority to ensure that you will stay healthy and productive;

  • Do one thing at a time

Contrary to popular belief, you have less to gain when you are multitasking and it’s harder to keep organized this way. If you get to check your email while talking on the phone, have lunch in front of your computer while you work, scroll on social media while in a business meeting, the quality of your work may be affected - all activities will take longer and the level of stress will increase.

So, when your attention is divided, you will not be able to focus 100% on work, so it might take more of your time to complete both tasks together than to complete one task at a time; 

  • Keep your desktop organized

Workspace means not only the office itself but also the devices you work on. Thus, the files on your personal computer and even on the phone should be arranged in folders, with easy-to-find names. This way, you won't waste precious time trying to find the file you need to send to an important customer.

  • Limit your social media activity

A person spends, on average, almost two and a half hours on social networks. There is no doubt that social media is time-consuming - it’s not only a socializing tool but also an element that can distract people very easily, so reducing the time spent online would be very helpful in being more organized at work. 

2. How to be more organized at work by using technology

Technology is an important part of everyday life, making so many things easier for those who want to spend their time more efficiently. And the most important tools are your phone and laptop, which can host dozens of useful apps for your work. Here are some examples:

If you want to set clear Objectives and Key Results for yourself and your team, then such software is your answer. The OKR method is a change for many businesses and, used correctly, it has the potential to align team effort with global strategy and real customer needs. Invented by Intel and adopted by technology industry giants, the OKR methodology has become a widely accepted practice for technology product management;

There are apps that can give you notifications before a deadline and allow you to make notes about future meetings and other events. This way you can ensure you won’t be missing any important appointments and due dates!

  • Onboarding Software

Perfect for teams, this type of software helps members enjoy an awesome employee experience. This can be made through a personalized profile and tools that can promote natural engagement and communication inside the group. An onboarding software makes team members' lives easier, through features that help them manage time and information in a more efficient way.

  • HR management 

These kinds of software help you get more organized at work. Choose Mirro’s Core HR software to stay focused on your tasks. From days off to organizing your documents, our innovative HRIS platform will save you precious time and money while you can be productive and focused on other essential tasks. 

  • Fitness trackers

When it comes to being more organized and productive at work, not many people take health into account. When you are busy and focused on your work, you may forget about mealtimes or even drink a glass of water. But, usually available for free, these trackers can help you not only observe your physical activity during the day but also create some healthy meal plans.

Depending on your preferences and goals - to be energetic, to be healthier, to lose weight - the application can give you alerts about mealtimes when you need to take a break for a snack and remind you to drink some water. 

Therefore, being organized at work is the key to success. In an ideal environment, team members should work together to create a neat and clean space that would help each person reach their true potential.

Here, at Mirro, we know how important it is for you to focus more on your talent and less on organizing your files, so our software solutions are perfect for teams and individuals who believe in smart working and career growth.

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