How to track employee productivity working from home: Easy methods to keep up the good work remotely

Since remote working became more popular in the last few years, companies and managers have been facing many challenges, such as coordinating teams, motivating employees, or ways to find a balance between work and personal life. In this context, one thing is certain - remote working is here to stay, and every good leader knows how necessary it is for productive companies to embrace these changes. 


  1. How to track productivity of remote workers - Encourage your colleagues to adopt these habits!
  2. How to monitor employees working remotely - Easy methods to apply for efficient results

1. How to track productivity of remote workers - Encourage your colleagues to adopt these habits!

More and more managers are encouraging work from home and most of the employees support it in areas where it is possible. Having your office at home has many advantages - you save time traveling, you can work in your pajamas and cook your own food, but also disadvantages - the TV is at hand, the bed is close and you might be tempted to sleep longer than needed.

Remote working can be challenging, especially for those who weren’t used to it before. 

Here are some recommendations that can help remote workers be more productive and healthy through adopting some good habits:

  • Dress like you’re at the office

Sitting in your favorite pajamas may seem like a dream, and the thought to do it once you work from home may be very tempting. However, most experts say that this habit can drastically decrease productivity and that dressing in office clothes may be a better idea because it will put you in a working mood and may help you focus better. Of course, you don't have to stay in some uncomfortable jeans or shoes, but you can always choose an easy, casual shirt, paired with simple, yet elegant pants.

  • Don’t work from your bed

In the morning, it may be hard to get up, so taking your laptop to bed may seem pretty tempting. If this is already your habit, remember what experts say - a few hours spent in an incorrect position can turn into a significant lumbar or cervical discomfort. So, if you feel that sitting has become unpleasant for you, then get up and take a break by doing some exercise or stretching. These small changes can help you feel energized and ready to work better on your daily tasks. 

  • Eat healthy meals and snacks

Do not work in or near the kitchen, because this way you can be tempted to munch on unhealthy snacks more often. To avoid these things, it’s important to set a meal plan, including snacks. Moreover, you should always keep a bottle of water on your desk and avoid juices or sugary drinks. Remember - when you eat, only do that and nothing else, so having a quick lunch above your keyboard is not a very good idea if you want to keep yourself healthy. 

  • Take frequent breaks 

Breaks are important and never forget that! An overworked brain loses its efficiency, so to keep your focus, it’s recommended to take a 5-10 minute break every hour. This habit is healthy for both your brand and body. In order to remind yourself about the hourly break, set the phone alarm so that you get off your chair and just move around the house - the movement intensifies blood circulation and helps the brain to oxygenate better.

2. How to monitor employees working remotely - Easy methods to apply for efficient results

In a recent report on remote working, more than 60% of managers said they would allow their team members to work from home and 77% of hires revealed that they can be more productive when doing their job remotely. 

But, many companies pay their employees by the hour, and in some countries, the law says that employers must keep track of their time spent working. Therefore, having a good management strategy is necessary if you want to keep productivity at home. Management applications and programs are very helpful in this regard.

Below are some ideas on how to manage the working time of employees who work from home:

  • Provide constructive feedback

For those who work from home, meetings are very important, because they provide a much-needed interaction and a quick way to keep everyone informed. With Mirro, you can say goodbye to formal feedback sessions - through our smart software you can share the input with your colleagues, by mentioning what you appreciate the most about their work and also giving some guidance when needed. This way, you can keep your team members updated, in a private and easy way. 

  • Create a profile for each team member

Every team member should stay connected, even if distance sets them apart. Their work, their ideas, their passions - they can all be in one place, through a personal employee profile.

Our onboarding software is a great tool, especially for new hires who work remotely - this way, they can learn more about their colleagues, the quality of their work, and, not in the least, the company’s most important values.

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are a popular management strategy that aims to track the company's objectives and results. The technique was developed in the '80s, and its purpose was to understand the objectives of a company through a set of actions that are defined, specific and measurable for each team member. With this tool, you can set high goals for your team, which then will be notified every time a new project will start and also about the key results of their work within the company.

So, how to track productivity for an employer that works from home? The answer is: through a few good habits and the use of technology. When working from home, one should take care of their health and mood, but also use technology to track progress and communicate with colleagues.

With Mirro’s tools, companies can make their mission easier, both for employees and managers - they can work from anywhere, on any device, and the data is saved automatically, which leads to quicker reports and better performance management


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