G2’s 2022 Fall Reports: Mirro Recognized as a Momentum Leader in Three Categories

There's more to fall than cozy sweaters and warm cocoa beverages. It's also a great time to receive a well-deserved recognition for your hard work. We’re delighted to announce G2's 2022 Fall Reports are out, bringing exciting news to Mirro!

G2 has recognized Mirro as a top leader in the Performance Management System Software industry, enhancing our presence across various categories.

We're featured in a total of eight G2 Fall 2022 Grid® Reports, being named a Momentum Leader in three categories — Performance Management, Objectives and Key Results (OKR), and Core HR. In addition to this, Mirro is recognized as a Leader in the Europe Regional Performance Management Grid®. This award is given to products with high customer satisfaction and increased regional market presence.

Only a select few products receive the Momentum Leader badge, making it one of the most prestigious recognitions given by G2. A product's Momentum score is calculated using a proprietary algorithm that takes into account social, web, employee, and review data that is deemed influential to a company's momentum.

These awards showcase our significant progress in the OKR category since our previous recognition in G2's Summer 2022 Grid® Reports.

About G2's Grid® Reports

With more than 1 million verified customer reviews, G2 is the largest review platform for B2B software and services.

G2 is one of the most reputable tech marketplaces in the industry. It gathers information based on authentic customer reviews and social proof through online sources and networks. After every review is submitted, a human verifies it for authenticity.

Each quarter, G2 releases reports highlighting the best solutions in the software industry, taking into account different criteria, such as user reviews, market presence, usability, and more.

Let's take a closer look at Mirro's most important awards and recognitions.

High Performer in the Performance Management Grid®

Mirro is a High Performer in the Mid-Market Grid® and Small-Business Grid® for Performance Management Systems.

Mirro received a 9.06 score in the Performance Management Implementation Index, which is well above average in the industry. Ease of setup, implementation time, user adoption, and other factors are considered when calculating this score.

In the Performance Management Usability Index, Mirro scored 9.24. This category rates the product's ease of admin, ease of use, or how well it meets users' requirements, among other criteria.

In the Performance Management Relationship Index, Mirro scored 9.56. This category rates the product's ease of business, likeliness to recommend, and quality of support, among other criteria.

In all Performance Management Indexes, Mirro is in the top 10 performance management software solutions.

High Performer in the Grid® for Core HR Software

Mirro is named a High Performer in the following reports: Small-Business Europe Regional Grid® Report, Europe Regional Grid® Report, and Mid-Market Europe Regional Grid® Report for Core HR.

In the Core HR Relationship Index, Mirro scored 9.25, placing it in the top five Core HR software solutions rated by the ease of business, likeliness to recommend, and quality of support, among other criteria.

High Performer in the Grid® Report for Objectives and Key Results (OKR)

Mirro is also a High Performer in the Mid-Market Grid® for Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Software. This category ranks solutions based on customer satisfaction and market presence.

The OKR features in Mirro were already widely used and recommended by its customers. So receiving the 'High Performer' badge in the OKR report is a real honor for us. This is a strong indicator that we're moving in the right direction in the OKR software marketplace.

Thank You to All Our Customers

Every quarter, G2's Grid® Reports list Mirro in new reports and indexes in the above categories. In addition to this, Mirro is mostly placed into the Leaders and High Performers categories on the Grids®, a true acknowledgment of our commitment and dedication.

Mirro's recognition in G2's Grid® Reports shows our commitment to constantly improving our features and delighting our customers with outstanding solutions.

The special badge called "Users Love Us" is another proof that our users trust our product. Receiving this badge makes us incredibly happy and motivated, as our customers are the lever to our growth.

We want to thank all our clients for choosing and trusting Mirro to build a thriving workplace culture and overcome hybrid workplace disengagement.

Every single award and recognition we get reassures us that we are on the right track and motivates us to keep giving our all to our clients.


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